Efficient identification


of heightened risk individuals


Facepoint’s ambition is to propose a breakthrough-type response to KYC regulatory requirements in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.


The solution developed by Facepoint consists in complementing text with image, in order to disambiguate traditional text-based identification.


To achieve this goal, we build up and publish an image library of faces of heightened risk individuals, in full compliance with international regulatory standards. We then leverage it with a powerful facial recognition system to boost identity resolution performance. The result of such a unique combination is a massive drop in false alarm rates during customer screening process.

Facepoint’s database targets individuals associated with major regulatory and reputational risks in the context of the FATF standards, or according to the EU AML Directive. The acquired and fully qualified content originates from open-source web intelligence.


Facepoint's state-of-the-art data acquisition, filtering and processing technologies are developed in close collaboration with the French national research center CEA List. They also strongly benefit from the founders’ long-time expertise in the data science and compliance sectors.


Facepoint research domains


All professions subject to regulatory and legal compliance obligations must identify natural and legal persons who may represent an increased risk in the financial crime matter. Facepoint's mission is to supply a pictorial representation of all entities requiring higher scrutiny.

Research fields:

1. Terrorism and its financing

2. International sanctions and embargo

3. Money laundering and white collar  

4. Organized crime

5. Serious crime

6. Politically exposed persons

Facepoint data meets international and European standards for customer due diligence. Facepoint aims to become a key player in Europe's financial intelligence and regulatory compliance system.

Towards augmented compliance

Facepoint's goal is to assist risk and compliance professionals in taking quick and informed decisions, especially in the context of digital KYC. Facepoint data and systems nourish various stages of due diligence verifications: when entering into relationships (onboarding), during portfolio reviews (monitoring), or at transaction time (transaction monitoring).

Early risk detection

Live detection


Content collected by Facepoint analysts allows for a near real-time identification of emerging threats remaining out of reach of traditional watchlists 


 Customer Journey

A quicker identification of heightened risks individuals fastens and therefore secures customers' onboarding.

Massive Drop

of false positives


Facial images are highly specific. Coupled with facial recognition technology, they drastically reduce false alarm rates, and therefore tedious and costly human-performed verifications.


Facepoint data has secured several innovative and unprecedented Proofs-Of-Concepts in the areas of KYC and identity resolution



The most promising innovation of the year (2018)

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